Monday, May 07, 2007

A word from New Orleans

Here's what a resident posted on my youtube videos from my trip:


Your video seems to be in a neighborhood from St. Bernard Parish, where I lost everything. Actually, I think you are in Lexington Place Subdivision. Anyway thank you for the video & volunteering your time.27,000 homes were destroyed in St. Bernard w/ a population of 70,000.

As you can see, not one part of my parish was left untouched. We have learned that many miles of important levee protection will not be repaired before our impending hurricane season!

I want to personally thank you for volunteering! Many thanks to all the students who volunteered their spring break. My home in lower St. Bernard Parish was destroyed and we remain displaced in temporary housing. You can't understand the scope of the devastation until you see it up close and personal. When you witness the destruction, it is hard to believe that this is happening to families in the United States of America! Thank you for being an American who wants to help in our now 21 month struggle to recover. You and the thousands of others who have volunteered their time,have given much needed donations, along with all the help of faith based organizations, Habitat for Humanity, Hands On., etc..are the sole reason for the little progress that has been made. Our government has abandoned our cry for help for the last 21 months, but you and all volunteers have been a blessing in our time of despair and hopelessness. There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation. Please keep us in your prayers and please continue to let everyone you know what is happening to American citizens along the Gulf Coast, whose homes and lives were shattered by Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. 12 separate family members lost everything from St. Bernard Parish to Bay St. Louis, MS. One of whom was my brother-in-law who died from a long battle w/ colon cancer only 7 months after the hurricane. His son has been serving in Afghanistan & recently came home on R&R. He was just as shocked and dismayed to see the endless miles of destruction. Then he became very agry at the recovery because he states that while he fights the Taliban, the U.S. are building schools, and hospitals, only to have them blown up after they are built. He said our region looks worse than the war zone where he is now fighting.

If you would like to see a clip of St.Bernard on youtube, it is called "St. Bernard Parish Government - Dream Video". The young woman, Ashley Neff, who sings beautifully in the video is from St. Bernard and graduated from high school w/ my son and a friend of my daughter. Thanks again and God Bless!

I am so glad we are going back. I was thrilled yesterday to be in Amoeba music and see that they had a big jar collecting money to support displaced musicians. We're gonna get that town back on its feet, even if we have to completely circumvent the government to do it!!

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