Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One more thing

I'm hungry. It's so weird - we are so poor right now. I just emptied our savings account to pay this month's bills. I don't know how we're paying next month's. Just hoping that the money from the insurance for my fall comes in, I guess. And we have the vacation coming up. But right now, I kid you not, we are actually living on like less than nothing. We haven't bought groceries in 2 weeks. I miss fresh food soooo much. I am so sick of pasta and beans. Carbs and protein - that's all you can eat when you haven't got money.

What's weird about our hovering near the red ink is that in 3 months, we're gonna have more than plenty to live on. When the fall starts, J will be teaching 7 classes, at 3 grand a class, over 4 months. That's not a bad income. Plus there's a fine chance that I will be working part-time for my favorite prof. But right now, we are living on tunafish on moldy bread (trying to scrape off the mold...and the tuna's not even albacore! oh the horror! - hey gimme a break, I'm a foodie).

I'm making a list already of the many foods I am going to buy when we have money again. Oh, I'm dreaming of all kinds of fresh produce, and FISH! And I'm dreaming of getting glucosomine so my joints will stop aching. And good wine again. So many wonderful things.

It hasn't been so bad, I guess. And of course, I know I'm eating much better than most of the world when I at least get some protein or a meal at all. Even if it is a hot dog (incidentally, we bought "fearless franks" from Niman Ranch and they were quite delicious w/Amy's chili on top). See, we know how to make the cheapo stuff work. I mean, I took the tongol tuna and added 2 kinds of mustard, capers, and sundried tomatoes - that was yummy. And last night I added frozen meatless balls to the tomatoes and some oil (all things that were languishing in the fridge) to my spaghetti. Incidentally, J was quite jealous of how good my concoction smelled, and I got full before I finished my portion.

So I haven't much to complain about. We even got one fantastic meal this week when El Cholo (my fave local Mexican restaurant) hosted us b/c I'd complained that the food sucked last time. They bought us a $75 dinner, including a lot of booze, amazing fajitas, guacamole, the works. And the best part was that we ate off it for 3 meals. That was definitely a little gift of God, I think. I did get some nice veggies there.

But yeah, it will be good when I can eat something fresh and green again. I think we'll both be perkier, too. We're so lethargic right now. I'm trying to get outside more to at least liven up that way. I've had some completely lovely walks - we're having simply perfect weather. And who knows? Maybe I'll even shed a pound or two. Although I'm not holding my breath, since cheap food doesn't tend to be healthy! (hot dogs, spaghetti, bean burritos - not exactly the South Beach Diet)

OK, I don't know why I felt the need to post this, except that I'm just trying to get my mind off how hungry I am. Hey friends who read this! How about doing the nicest thing ever and taking me out for a salad?

I promise to pay you back many times over in my gratitude and, if you like, in 3 months!


Unknown said...

We used to call those days in college "salad days", then when I moved into Fuller housing after soaking my proverbial but into debt to attend Fuller ($281 per unit and a min of 10 units per quarter huh????) we called it "we used to be able to afford salad but not anymore" days.

Bummer girl, if you were closer to SF I'd buy you a salad and send you home with a bunch more.

Anymore thoughts on GTU? The newest resident to Northern California needs some of her old friends up here!

Anonymous said...

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