Friday, May 04, 2007


Well we had planned to do another trip to Vegas this summer, just for a quick getaway - eat some good food, chill in a hotel room. All that. But we've gone there a lot. And the dream was elsewhere...a certain little town I just saw & loved for the first time, but that is so expensive to fly into...

Until I found an incredible rate on United. Asked the mister, wouldn't you know, he's into it.

So we're going to New Orleans!!!! YAAAAAY!

I really couldn't be happier to be going back, and taking John, and this time supporting the economy and doing it up tourist-style. I'm so happy to support the hotel (gotta find one - recommendations??), the walking tour companies, the shops, definitely the restaurants, hell, even the voodoo museum! Wherever my $$ are needed!

I am so happy! What a great thing. Check out United's rates - they suddenly just put NoLA on sale. Time for a trip - in service or pleasure, a fabulous place to go!!

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