Friday, March 31, 2006

I did it

I dropped the class. About which I feel quite wonderful, except I am subdued because of the nightmare it was to deal with the registrar. Eventually everything got mostly sorted out, but it took hours and I hit a lot of red tape. Ugh.

Still, when the dust clears, after the weekend, I think I'll be really pleased with what I am taking. And I've reduced one class to pass/fail, so I don't have to think about it, and added the doctoral seminar in ancient-future worship, which is right up my alley. I won't get any credit for it towards my degree, but it's still worth being there. I love the topic.

Thanks for your prayers. I am SO looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow with Bishop Thomas Shaw. It's just what I need (and I have time for it because no more Greek!!!).


Dell Gines said...

"socially liberal theologically orthodox inclusive tolerant feminist Episcopalian"

Hey, I graduated from an evangelical university. How do you reconcile the differences in your personal philosophy and the doctrine of the universrity?

Stephanie said...

It sounds like you did the right thing for you. Self-care is so important and it seems discouraged in most seminaries. :)

Marshall Scott said...

There's something today on the News page of Anglicans Online about a bishop in England who sees the clergy working too hard, and not taking care of themselves. I don't know that I know about that, but my wife has a clear and definite opinion. ;-)

In fact we are in part called to model good self care and a balanced spiritual life. No, seminaries don't necessarily honor that. Mine didn't either, long ago; although when we as a class rebelled the faculty did listen and did amend their lives, at least a little. They also talked about us for another generation as "the most difficult and obnoxious class...."

Hang in, sibling.