Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Buh bye, Friedrich

Well, I finished Schleiermacher, and today I get to go turn 'im in with great joy. I have to say, it was the hardest paper I've written for this prof (this is my third class w/him), but in the end, it will also probably prove to be the best one. Some of the others, I've been unsure about how well they would be received. This time - well, they may not get it, so maybe it won't be "received" well - but this time I KNOW this paper ROCKS. It's really, really good. Should I post it? I dunno if it will make any sense - but then again, it will be lots easier than actually reading Friedrich.

So thanks for your support and prayers. What a weird week, to spend it all in his writings. And now that's done, and I am pretty much taking off for a long weekend from all homework so I can enjoy my birthday.

I have been meaning to write that I saw an advance screening of The Kite Runner and it was glorious! I haven't read the book, so I don't know how it compares, but I loved the film. It was so cinematic, I couldn't even imagine it as a book - so that's proably a good sign. I can't wait for it to come out, and you can all see it, and it can win a bunch of Oscars, because you will and it will. What a great flick. Really moved me.

Also we saw Idiocracy and tried not to like it but found ourselves laughing our asses off. Sometimes sophomoric humor is the only antidote to brain fatigue.

OK, off to discuss my paper!


Edette said...

Well, I am waaaiting! Oh course you post it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please post.

The maiden said...

Congrats on finishing the paper!